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Meet your video content creator.


Hi, I'm Chereese!

At an early age, I grew up wanting to become a chef. I believed, at the time, that was my first love. I kind of like it now but I really have to be in the mood. One day I was approached by my pastor (Pastor Stringer) to operate the cameras at my church and I said, why not. After recording, editing, and creating videos for a while I realized this was my passion. So at the young age of 13, I became the church's youngest Department Administrator. My pastor mentored and taught me all of the intricate things about video.

In high school, I took all the video production classes I could. Since my pastor already taught me many things about video, I was way ahead of my class. My classmates were taking the classes for fun or to fulfill a requirement but I was taking them because I realized that I wanted to do it for the rest of my life. During my college years at Eastern Connecticut State University, it was a challenge but I made it and received my Bachelor of the Arts in Communications with a minor in Theatre.

Creating my own business is a lot of hard work but I thank God for this passion. I especially want to thank my parents for pushing me and my pastor for mentoring and teaching me. 


Please share this website so I can go where I know God wants it to be!!


"She was very professional, timely, organized, and thoughtful throughout the whole duration of the session. The attendees were very comfortable with her presence during the recording. I am very satisfied with the final product and we look forward to working with her again in months to come."

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